From strength to strength:

If you are looking for a financial consultancy firm that believes that clients are family and that the assets of their clients have to look after extremely well as if it belongs to them then look no further than beyond us. Our firm has had the humblest of beginnings and from a mere twenty something staff, today the company owns the lion's share of the clientele.

The motto of the company:
Every member of the company believes in the company’s motto of “client before self”. It is because of the volatile nature of the field that each one of our employees is dedicated to only a set number of clienteles whom he takes care of. Additional responsibilities are never thrust upon them nor are they asked to swap the clients under them. This ensures that the client enjoys a fiduciary relationship with the company and if God forbid anything goes wrong, the employee can be made accountable for any lapses that he has made. The context of bringing the employee to book will employ the classic case of bonafide where only the acts done by the employee which constitute a malafide intention on his part or any action that points that he had the malafide intention to cause harm to the investor’s portfolio will be held to be against him and not the bonafide acts which he conducted in good faith in order to benefit his client.

We serve clients across industries:

We have been awarded by several financial institutions for our pioneer strategies in improving our client’s creditworthiness and improving on his portfolio. We are today a name to be reckoned with especially after we have been granted worldwide license to trade in the global markets. Our goodwill and reputation have helped us create a big clientele and also across the various industries. We are also associated with various other big names in our market and look forward to bringing an immense amount of value to the investors’ who trust us.   

Our Team